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Why HarmoniMD™?

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What is HarmoniMD?

HarmoniMD is a breakthrough hospital information system designed to help hospitals around the world improve patient care, streamline operations, and manage all aspects of clinical care in a busy hospital environment

HarmoniMD Features Overview

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Hospital Management

The HarmoniMD system benefits hospitals of all sizes by streamlining administrative tasks through an easy to use interface. HarmoniMD allows you to manage all aspects of clinical care in a busy hospital environment.

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Electronic Health Records

The HarmoniMD Electronic Health Record is used by physicians and nurses to record all aspects of patient care during the hospital visit. This vital information is instantly available to all treating providers and clinical staff via the patient chart and is used to diagnose, treat, and support the best clinical decisions for a positive patient outcome.

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Medical Billing

The HarmoniMD medical billing system records charges throughout the patient visit. Versatility is built into the billing charge capture allowing for variations in pricing based on financial class, payer reimbursement codes, and much more.

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Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE)

The HarmoniMD system allows physicians and medical professionals to enter orders and care instructions electronically, eliminating paper charts.

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Electronic Clinical Documents

Almost any paper form can be recreated into an electronic clinical document which mirrors the look and feel of the original document. This electronic format instantly communicates with the patient chart, sends direct orders to the pharmacy, imaging, laboratory and more.

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Reporting & Analytics

Quality reporting helps guide decision making in terms of staffing needs, budget allocation, workflow compliance, and whether goals are being met and by whom.

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