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Administration Reporting & Analytics

HarmoniMD™ Makes Reporting Easy

The HarmoniMD reporting feature saves times by collecting data from different areas of the software and displaying the data in a useful format for administration and clinical staff. Quality reporting helps guide decision making in terms of staffing needs, budget allocation, workflow compliance, and whether goals are being met and by whom.

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Custom Reports for Facility-Specific Workflows

Easily Visualize Data in Custom-Defined Reports

The HarmoniMD Reporting System aggregates incoming data from a variety of sources. As information is captured in the system through orders placed, tasks carried out, and evaluations documented, each piece of data becomes a retrievable metric to satisfy reports and analytics. The HarmoniMD Report Design Team works with you to create reports which contain useful and pertinent information that gets the job done.

View Trends in Data at a Glance

HarmoniMD Gives You an Analytical View

Reports are designed to show trends and snapshot views which are easily accessible to administration staff and key decision makers. Here are some of the reports currently available in HarmoniMD HIS:

  • Patient Room Assignments
  • Medication Reconciliation
  • Transactions Exceeding Reasonable Quantity or Price
  • Patient Census Report
  • Admission Summary Report


We have a vast library of reports to choose from and reports can be customized to satisfy hospital requirements.

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Hospital Testimonial

“MedWave Software Solutions is not only a highly professional and technically competent company, but it is also a company with integrity that invests in projects with care and consideration for the specific needs of each healthcare center. The software is intuitive and easy to use and the Medwave staff committed many days of time both on location and via email to support the staff through the transition. We have been very happy with how available and qualified the staff at Medwave are and hope to partner with Medwave again in the very near future.”

Amy Holter, Director of Programs & Evaluation Global Partners for Development, Rohnert Park, CA, USA