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What Does HarmoniMD Cost?

HarmoniMD™ is Software as a Service (SaaS)

HarmoniMD is provided as Software as a Service (SaaS). You don’t pay for the software, only for its use.

In this model, the HarmoniMD software is ‘rented’ instead of purchased and includes updates and technical services as part of a regular fee. We bundle all of the services that you might have to pay for into a simple monthly, quarterly or annual fee that will be less than the savings it produces.

HarmoniMD is offered in two versions:

HarmoniMD HIS   HarmoniMD Consultorio

Electronic health records software on desktop, tablet, and mobile device

For our HarmoniMD HIS system, bundled with HarmoniMD Mobile

The price is based on the volume of patient visits and facility data storage requirements. Additionally, we take into consideration your needs to price the system so that it will be revenue positive from the first day of use.

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Electronic Patient Chart on Tablet

HarmoniMD Mobile Runs on Low-Cost Tablets, Not Expensive Bedside Workstations

HarmoniMD HIS was created to provide the best return on investment by working together with HarmoniMD Mobile which runs on low-cost tablets and mobile devices over Wi-Fi and cell networks.

Computer on Wheels (COWS) and expensive bedside workstations bring with them not only large up-front capital investment but also high maintenance costs. In contrast, HarmoniMD Mobile runs on low-cost tablets, uses the camera to scan barcodes and take photos, takes up no facility floor space and replaces expensive hardware with a device that can fit into a clinician’s pocket.

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For HarmoniMD Consultorio

There are two pricing plans for HarmoniMD Consultorio. For both, the price is based on the number of physicians in the office, while support staff use the system for free. For offices that need to offer telemedicine services and want the ability to text and email patients from within the application, a second plan is offered. This allows for automatic appointment notifications.

Gold Plan

$50 per physician per month

Platinum Plan

$100 per physician per month
includes telemedicine and text and email messaging

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