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Physician Office Management with HarmoniMD™ Consultorio is affordable and effective

An “out of the box” solution for the smaller physician office environment

HarmoniMD Consultorio is designed to manage patient care in an environment less complex than a hospital. The modules are predefined providing an effective, inexpensive system for any physician office serving only outpatients. It is offered in two plans, one with more functionality.

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Automate electronic document management system and office workflow process concept, folders with data on conveyor belt from computer screen

Reports and Electronic Clinical Documents Customized to Physician Office needs

Streamline reporting and replace paper forms

A library of Electronic Clinical Documents and reports specific to physician office needs are included with HarmoniMD Consultorio.

Additional Electronic Clinical Documents and reports can be built for your specific needs for an additional fee.

Define, manage and control your own data

Quickly configure the system and easily manage your data

The Configuration module, offered in both plans, allows your office to define and manage:

  • Users
  • Charges
  • Calendars (for patient appointments)
  • Payers and Insurers
  • Medications (any not included in the Vial Vademécum database)
  • Laboratory Tests
  • Imaging Tests
  • Procedures

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Two price points to reflect your needs

Telemedicine and patient messaging are available for an additional fee

Like HarmoniMD HIS, HarmoniMD Consultorio is priced as software as a service, with a monthly fee. With HarmoniMD Consultorio, the price is based on the number of physicians in the office; Support staff use the system for free. For offices that need to offer telemedicine and want the ability to text and email patients from within the application a second plan is offered. This allows for automatic appointment notifications.

Gold Plan

$50 per physician per month

Platinum Plan

$100 per physician a per month
includes telemedicine and text and email messaging
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Comparison of HarmoniMD Consultorio Plans

Platinum Plan Gold Plan
Admissions Module
Doctors Module
Combine Patients Module
My User Account Module
Configuration Module
Manage Patient Appts.
Electronic Clinical Documents
Telemedicine Appts:

  • Video conferences with patients
  • Specialists at a distance
  • Interconsultations
  • Group Sessions
Text Messaging
Email Messages
Pricing $100/per doctor/per month $50/per doctor/per month
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