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Medical Billing

Streamlined Medical Billing

HarmoniMD™ Easily Captures Custom Charges During Care

The HarmoniMD Medical Billing System seamlessly records charges throughout the patient visit. Charge capture is improved and billing is accelerated with automated charge posting. With HarmoniMD HIS, products can also be barcoded. The billing charge capture is entirely facility-defined and has options for variations in pricing based on financial class, payer reimbursement codes, and much more.

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Medical billing barcode scanning feature

Improved Charge Capture

As Simple as Scanning a Barcode

HarmoniMD HIS captures charges as orders are placed and as medications are administered for inpatients. Since charges are automatically entered as services are rendered, there is no requirement to manually enter or calculate fees during the patient visit. Less time spent on billing means physicians and nurses can focus their time and energy on what matters most: patient care.

And with HarmoniMD HIS, charges can be captured quickly and easily via a scan of a barcode or in a variety of other ways.

Medical Billing System Benefits

  • Improved Charge Capture
  • Eliminates Manual Entry or Calculation of Fees
  • Easily Managed through Administrative Portal
  • Fully Customized to Your Facility’s Billing System
  • Integrates with Third Party Vendor Billing Software
  • Allows Physicians and Nurses to Focus Their Time and Energy on Patient Care
hospital admin taking credit card from patient

HarmoniMD HIS Integrates with Your Billing Software

API Technology Allows for Custom Collaboration with Your Hospital Billing System

HarmoniMD HIS integrates with third-party vendor billing software through application programming interface (API) technology. We utilize industry-leading HL7 (Health Level Seven) messaging protocols for all of our secure data exchanges. Successful and productive business relationships are a high priority for our company; we are happy to collaborate with a facility’s current billing system.

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A Medical Billing System Customized for You

HarmoniMD HIS is Created with Your Hospital in Mind

The HarmoniMD Medical Billing System is entirely customized for your facility. Goods and services can be defined in a great number of ways. For example, items and services can be set as patient chargeable, be taxable or not, have financial class pricing, be defined as subject to expiration, be a part of the system inventory or not, and more. The system also defines base price, cost, and a variety of codes to satisfy government pricing structures.

Hospital Testimonial

“I bill with the ICD 10 problem list generated in real time taking care of patients. This ongoing process adds to completeness and accuracy of diagnoses which are critical for proper billings and subsequent Medicare and other payments. “

James K. Gude, MD, Medical Director Clinical Medicine Professor, UCSF