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Hospital Management with HarmoniMD™ is Fast, Easy, and Effective

Manage All Aspects of Clinical Care in a Busy Hospital Environment

The HarmoniMD Hospital Management System is designed to effectively manage patients, staff, departments, billing, and inventory.

The system allows administrative staff to define the setup of departments and give privileges to department managers and users. Reports and audit logs verify compliance with internal policies and accreditation requirements.

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Technology Built to Support Hospital Managers

Automatically Collect Best Practice Performance Data

The HarmoniMD system supports hospital managers with medical, financial and administrative tasks by collecting best practices performance data on a continual basis as users carry out and record their day to day activities.

Automated data collection provides hospital administrators with a wealth of historical data at their fingertips during accreditation and government compliance audits, and supports the internal decision-making process.

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Hospital Management Benefits

The HarmoniMD system benefits hospitals of all sizes by streamlining administrative tasks through an easy-to-use interface.

  • Decreases the time spent gathering data
  • Aggregates incoming information from various departments
  • Eliminates the need to repetitively fill out reports
  • As clinicians perform patient documentation, the data is automatically captured in HarmoniMD for reports and analytics

Customized for Your Hospital

HarmoniMD’s Hospital Management System is Facility-Specific

We work with hospital administrators to define workflows, protocols, reports, inventory control, user roles, user permissions and more. This collaboration allows us to provide a custom hospital management system suited to each facility’s needs.

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Hospital Testimonial

“In the past, the hospital management and the staff have been dreaming, thinking and yearning for an informative system that would help in the transmission of the patient requests, results, prescription and the storage of patient information across the hospital and also to enable easy access to the information by the management and any other authorized person. This was finally met when the HarmoniMD system was finally introduced months ago and since its introduction, the hospital management and the medical staff have seen its long-awaited benefits and importance as far as transmission of the patient’s detailed information is concerned and the keeping of this data.”

Stanley Otieno, Laboratory Matata Nursing Hospital
Matata Nursing Hospital
Oyugis, Kenya