HarmoniMD® GO! HarmoniMD® HIS
Price Packages from $ 1,500.00 USD. No implementation cost Get a quote now! A tailor-made system
Hospital Type Small and medium hospitals and clinics Large hospitals, hospital systems and special projects
Software as a Service (SaaS)
Unlimited Use of the HarmoniMD® System
Hosting and Data Storage
Multi-platform Application
Works on desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.
Automatic Updates
You will always have access to continuous improvements in HarmoniMD®.
Electronic Medical Record
Register the social, preventive and medical data of your patients in a comprehensive way and based on current regulations.
Inpatient Management
Easily add medical, nursing or consultation notes; record diagnoses, vital signs and perform medical orders for the patient.
Outpatient Management
Add all patient information during care in an outpatient setting and perform electronic prescriptions for the patient.
Medical Emergencies Management
Perform triage for patients and ensure understanding of each patient’s priority.
Pharmacy and Medications Management
Manage all medication orders with pharmacovigilance protocols to know contraindications, interactions, duplication and allergy warnings in real time. Carry out inventory discharges automatically.
Nutrition and Diet
Define the types of therapeutic diets offered, based on type, texture, consistency, and additional modifiers.
Record vital signs at the patient’s bedside, dictate and / or write nursing notes, evaluate patient access lines, verify medication administration, and automatically get alerts when there are new orders.
Personalized Electronic Clinical Documents
Create custom electronic forms to replace all paper forms and align with clinical best practices
Statistical reports
View reports of the information entered in HarmoniMD®. For example, current and past patient reports, admission rates, summary per visit, etc. They can be exported to multiple file formats.
It simplifies the management process, speeds up the entire treatment process, while providing a competitive advantage strategy for the hospital.
It allows patients to interact and communicate with their healthcare providers via a website that is active at all hours of the day and night.
HarmoniMD® Mobile
Unlimited access to our mobile app for tablets, specifically designed for bedside patient care.
Patient Admission
Easily record patient demographics, insurance information, patient physical documents, and patient photos.
Calendars Management
Define a variety of calendars to manage various resources and view appointments either within a patient file or a calendar.
Inventory Management
Complete a personalized item master, with integration of Barcode and QR coding. Automatic triggers to reorder low-stock items.
Control all the operations of the company, and classify all your accounting and financial operations.
Purchasing Management
Manage the operations you have with your suppliers.
Automatically generate charges and manage the operations that your clients and patients have.
Bed Management
Manage the bed and the location of each patient.
Display all active Lab orders for the patient visit and all completed Lab Test Results.
Show all active Imaging orders for the patient visit and all reports and imaging results.
Integrations with LIS Systems
Integrate with other software that records, manages and stores data for clinical labs.
Additional cost
Integrations with RIS / PACS Systems
Integrate with other software that records, manages and stores data for imaging studies.
Additional cost
Integrations with Medical Devices
Integrate with HL7-compatible devices that record clinical data.
Additional cost
Additional Integrations
Integrate with other softwares
Additional cost
Multi-platform and Multi-device Technical Support Remote Local or remote
Training of IT staff and hospital leaders, supported by complementary material such as manuals and videos.
Remote Local or remote
Workflow and System Customization
A customized system meets your needs and responds to the specific challenges of your hospital.
Creation of Processes and Procedures
Benefit from having your hospital’s operation processes structured to optimize resources and make the hospital more efficient
Solve problems related to the care process to improve your hospital’s processes.
Custom Business Intelligence Dashboards
Collect Big Data located in a wide range of places in the system to discover vital business information, track KPIs, and drive financial and operational excellence. Consolidate business, clinical, and operational data on custom dashboards to aid decision-making processes.