HarmoniMD HIS

HarmoniMD™ Health Informatics System (HarmoniMD HIS)

An EHR that works with you, on any device

HarmoniMD HIS works on desktops, laptops and tablets to creatively address the different ways Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems are used in hospitals.

HarmoniMD HIS – Our Desktop Application, for desktops and laptops, used by administrators, physicians and other clinicians at their desk.

HarmoniMD Mobile – Our Mobile Application for tablets, designed specifically for bedside use by physicians and nurses.

These two systems work in concert to deliver patient information where it is needed in real-time. Both applications are highly intuitive and very easy to learn and use.

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Customizable HarmoniMD HIS Desktop Application

Designed With Your Hospital in Mind

Each screen within each Menu Option is designed once we understand your workflow and includes the exact fields and options your staff needs.

A Desktop EHR Solution Customized for Every Role and Department

The HarmoniMD HIS user interface is customized to mimic the various workflows of each staff member and department. Instead of a one-size-fits-all solution, the options on the main screen can be customized to vary based on the staff using it. This allows for a more intuitive interface and easy training of hospital staff members.

The main menu can be customized to look different based on User Roles. For example, Emergency Room Physicians see one set of options, while Admission Record Clerks see another.

The Anatomy of a HarmoniMD Mobile Patient Chart

The HarmoniMD Mobile Patient Banner

Patient Information at a Glance

The HarmoniMD Mobile Patient Banner displays at all times to clearly identify which patient chart is open. It displays critical patient information including notification of new orders, a reminder to complete a 24-hour chart review, admission type, room and bed, code status, allergy warning, clinical notes, and, if the patient is willing, a patient photo. Easily move from one patient chart to another via the QR code button in the patient photo—this can be used to scan another patient’s wristband or ID card.

The HarmoniMD Mobile Patient Chart

A Quick View of the Patient Chart Anytime, Anywhere

The HarmoniMD Mobile Patient Chart allows physicians and nurses to have the entire patient chart in their pocket at all times, with quick access to an all-encompassing view of the patient’s status.

Expandable Sections For Current Orders & Results

Easy Access to the Data You Need

Each chart section can be opened to review details of current and past visits and to enter new orders and clinical data.

HarmoniMD Mobile Advantages

  • Full Patient Chart
  • Use at Bedside
  • Photos of Patient and Patient Conditions
  • Graphic Representation of Lab Tests and Vital Signs
  • Barcode & ID Card Scanning
  • Remote Physician Access
  • Cell System Access
  • Easy to Sanitize
  • Low Capital Costs
  • Fits in your Pocket