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HarmoniMD GO!

The only solution ready for your hospital, without implementation costs and ready in 3 months.

HarmoniMD® GO! is the best EMR system, without implementation costs, that controls all your hospital departments. It is the most straightforward system to learn and the quickest to implement. It manages everything from your patient care to the financial and public relations aspects of your hospital. HarmoniMD® GO! will lead your hospital to the success you are looking for.

Your Hospital’s Brain.

HarmoniMD® GO! is a medical, financial and public relations system with no implementation costs.

It has been recognized as the best EMR by Black Book Market Research.

It integrates all hospital areas including clinical, management, and public relations, to optimize processes and resources.

Free Implementation!

HarmoniMD® GO! solves cost control problems, provides effective communication, and quality and adherence of the care process. Additional benefits include management results, process improvement, automation of care pathways and clinical research. All of this with no implementation costs.

Implementation in Less Than Three Months!

HarmoniMD® GO! facilitates your success and minimizes delays during the implementation. We understand your organizations needs. We use best practices and provide a support system and training that meet your needs at the lowest cost possible, in addition to not having to spend capital to start using it.

An Always Up-To-Date and Easy-To-Use System For All Hospitals, Regardless of Size

Staff learn to use HarmoniMD® GO! in less than 30 minutes and it eliminates rework in patient care. All activities are carried out without having to change tabs!

No need to invest! It’s a free implementation Make better decisions with our business intelligence tools Reduce waiting times for your patients by 60% Improve your inventory management Eliminate rework

Reach More Patients with the Telemedicine Tools of HarmoniMD® GO!

Simplify the management process, accelerate the entire treatment process and provide a competitive advantage for your hospital. Serve your patients more efficiently.

HarmoniMD® GO! Includes a Comprehensive Patient Portal

HarmoniMD® GO! allows patients to interact and communicate with their healthcare providers. Patients can request and schedule appointments, view their current and past medications, and can send and receive secure messages to and from their physicians.

HarmoniMD® GO! Improves the Operational and Financial Efficiency of your Hospital

HarmoniMD® GO! provides you with business intelligence tools to analyze essential data about your business operations and your patients in real time. Keep track of patient payments, as well as the operating costs of supplies and other services of your hospital.

HarmoniMD® GO! Provides Business Intelligence That Helps Make Better Decisions

HarmoniMD® GO! is capable of measuring and evaluating the operational performance of your hospital. It gives you customized reports on budgets, orders and analysis of patient visits. It is a valuable tool to ensure that quality patient care is provided in all circumstances.

You Only Pay For What You Use: Starting Packages From $ 1,500.00 USD / Month

HarmoniMD® GO! is revolutionizing the digitalization of hospitals around the world. Your hospital only pays based on the number of patient visits.

Our primary focus is to increase productivity, avoid waste and keep your patients safe.