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Electronic Health Records (EHR)

EHR Patient Chart on Tablet

A Full Patient Chart in Your Pocket

Create and Access Electronic Health Records Using a Tablet with HarmoniMD™ Mobile

HarmoniMD™ HIS is an electronic health record system which documents all aspects of patient care during a hospital visit. At the time of admission, doctors, nurses, and hospital staff can input detailed information, personal health history, allergies, code status, and provider information to create the base patient record. As care is administered, the chart incorporates medication orders and administration, test results, exam findings, and patient status information like vital signs. All of this data can be entered by doctors, nurses, and clinical support staff from the bedside using HarmoniMD Mobile on a tablet. This healthcare record becomes the vital data used to diagnose, treat and provide the best clinical decisions for a positive patient outcome.

See it in Action

Nurse at patient bedside using tablet to document clinical information

No More Paper Charts

Access Patient Charts Anywhere with HarmoniMD™ Mobile

With HarmoniMD HIS, an electronic patient chart is available to all clinicians at all times. Whether in the hospital or not, physicians can view patient charts remotely while off-site via a secure customized portal. Physicians are easily able to review test results, imaging studies, evaluations, and trends in patient data captured over time. Treatment orders such as medications, labs, and procedures can be ordered at the patient bedside or from a remote location. Historical information is always retained, nothing is ever removed from a patient chart so that the evolution of the patient visit remains intact and complete.

Electronic Health Record Benefits

Immediately Access Patient Data and Increase Efficiency

Patient information is immediately available to all treating clinicians, nursing staff, the billing department, and other support staff that have a need for patient chart access. There is no waiting for documents to circulate to individual departments. Once an imaging order is sent via HarmoniMD HIS, the imaging department is immediately notified of the type of order placed, the ordering physician, and the priority of the turnaround time expected. Stat orders are truly stat in the moment they are placed! When the study is complete results are instantaneously available through the patient record.

Electronic Health Records Customized to Your Hospital or Clinic

HarmoniMD HIS Makes Adoption and Implementation A Breeze

Our team works hand-in-hand with you to create electronic health records which can be customized for every department of your facility.  During this process, we guide your team and provide ongoing support through weekly meetings, training videos, and detailed implementation manuals and guidelines. We pride ourselves on our personalized in-house support during implementation and beyond.

HarmoniMD HIS Integrates with Your Hospital Information System Platforms

Easily Integrate Using API Technology

HarmoniMD HIS can integrate with billing platforms such as CPSI and NetSuite; radiology information systems such as Novarad and Zeiss FORUM; lab information systems such as Schuylabs and Daisa; and medication compendiums such as DIT Scholz through the use of application programming interface (API) technology. We have a long and experienced track record when it comes to API integration and we welcome the opportunity to partner with new information systems of all types.

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HarmoniMD HIS Helps Hospital Managers and Administrators

Increased Reporting and Analytics with EHR

Data captured using HarmoniMD HIS satisfies reporting and analytic requirements for safety and accreditation. Our internal reporting and analytics system can be used to support clear and concise prioritizing of administrative and budget considerations. The electronic health record system provides optimal communication pathways between HarmoniMD HIS and facility information systems like Radiology Information Systems (RIS/PACS), Laboratory Information Systems (LIS) and billing platforms.

Hospital Testimonial

“One of the biggest problems that HarmoniMD® solves immediately is the issue of clinicians and support staff having to fill out paper forms with patient demographic information over and over again during the patient’s visit. With HarmoniMD, this repetitive, time-consuming task is now a thing of the past. Physicians and nursing staff have achieved a 30-40% increase in direct patient treatment time as a result of no longer needing to fill out paper forms”

-Enrique Alfaro Ogarrio, IT Director
Fundación de Cáncer de Mama (FUCAM), México City, México