» Electronic Clinical Documents (ECDs)

Electronic Clinical Documents (ECDs)

How can ECDs Improve Patient Care?

  • Incorporate your clinical expertise directly into your facility-wide protocols
  • Ensure consistency of care in your clinical trials and outreach programs (e.g. vaccination programs)
  • Promote an active culture of compliance to safeguard your organization against fraud, abuse, and waste
  • Align patient care with Clinical Best Practices, ensuring your organization exceeds its clinical quality goals
nurse documenting clinical information at patient bedside

Easily Document Patient Exam Findings at the Bedside

Replace Paper Forms with Electronic Clinical Documents (ECDs)

With the HarmoniMD™ System, almost any form can be recreated into an electronic clinical document.

These customized electronic clinical documents allow healthcare staff to order tests and medications, record findings, and create patient records.

HarmoniMD’s Electronic Clinical Documents are accessible on tablets (if using HarmoniMD HIS with HarmoniMD Mobile), laptops, or desktop computers. Physicians can even fill out ECDs and review patient data remotely over a cellular network.

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Electronic Clinical Document Features

  • Annotatable Clinical Diagnostic Diagrams
  • Automated mathematical calculations
  • Easy-to-use drop-down lists and buttons
  • Integrated clinical decision support (e.g. medical contraindications, allergy alerts)
  • Pre-Defined OneClick Order Sets™
  • Signature Pads
  • Include any text, such as educational materials, instructions or other languages
  • Intuitive and mimic your workflow
  • Completed in seconds at the bedside

Custom-Built to Mirror Your Paper Forms

Electronic Clinical Documents Are Custom Created for Your Hospital

Electronic clinical documents are custom-built to mirror the look and feel of your paper forms, providing an instantly familiar workflow.

Draw on HarmoniMD’s library of clinically tested ECDs to enhance current workflows and protocols. These documents can be used as standardized order sets for frequently carried-out tasks, such as placing medication, lab, imaging and procedure orders; to record findings at the time of patient evaluation; to complete discharge summaries; and much more.

Electronic Clinical Documents incorporate easy-to-use drop-down lists and buttons (substantially reducing the need to type), mathematical calculations, educational information, signature pads, diagrams and drawings, pre-defined specialty order sets, at-a-glance test results, patient vitals, allergies and diagnoses. ECDs can be incorporated into a variety of layouts to get the job done easily and quickly.

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Electronic Clinical Documents Save Time and Money

Go Paperless and Save

An individual patient visit can generate a dozen or more paper documents, all of which need to be managed and stored in a chart.

What does this cost? The cost of the chart, the paper and ink; the cost of documents (such as evaluations, prescriptions, images, etc.) and the wasted paper when these are updated; the employees who fill out the documents; the clerks who transport the documents from department to department; the medical records staff who assemble and store the charts; time spent by staff waiting for test orders to be delivered from the pharmacy and imaging departments; and more. All these total to a considerable amount of time and money.

HarmoniMD’s Electronic Clinical Documents eliminate the need for the majority of these costs. Both immediately and over the long term, monetary and staffing savings accrue as workflows become more efficient.

Designed with Compliance in Mind

Electronic Clinical Documents Make Reporting Easy

Electronic Clinical Documents reflect a culture of compliance because nothing is ever erased or lost. Anything captured in an ECD can be used in a report. This facilitates documenting employee compliance, user engagement, and workflow completion.

Workflow and protocol standards are built-in features of ECDs. As ECDs are completed and saved in the patient chart, the documentation is integrated into facility reporting available to administrators and department managers. ECD use can be tracked by user or by the electronic form itself.

The customized set of Electronic Clinical Documents we build for you directly drives your institutional protocols and defines the structured clinical data you collect during the patient care encounter. These protocols can be aligned with your compliance standards as well as Clinical Best Practices, all of which can be easily updated facility-wide when clinical care guidelines change.

Electronic Clinical Document Benefits

  • Easily Document Exam Findings at the Bedside
  • Makes Data Entry Simple and Intuitive
  • Fully Customizable to Match Any Exam, Order Set, Evaluation, or Summary
  • Reduces Cost of Paper Charts and Forms, and Processing Time
  • Improves Clinical and Regulatory Compliance
  • Streamlines Administrative Tasks
  • Increases Staff Retention and Satisfaction

Hospital Testimonial

“Our Physical Therapists say HarmoniMobile™ is the fastest and easiest documentation system for hospital-based Rehabilitation. The therapists love using the software because we are able to adapt the documents to the changing needs of our department, adding new evidence-based information as the data becomes available. The ability to be partners in development increases Medicare compliance which results in higher patient safety and improved reimbursement.”

Yvette, Rehabilitation Services Manager
Sonoma Specialty Hospital, Sebastopol, CA, USA