» Does Your EMR Actually Improve Clinical Outcomes? HarmoniMD Does

Does Your EMR Actually Improve Clinical Outcomes? HarmoniMD Does

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Hospitals and Clinics of all sizes deal with this issue every day, but the sad truth is that most EMR Systems do not improve clinical outcomes.  Shocking, YES!!!

This happens due to a variety of reasons, but the most important consideration is that most EMR solutions were developed with a one-size-fits-all methodology that requires providers to adopt a cookie-cutter approach to medicine.  This paradigm is inherently flawed because treatment decisions are as disparate and unique as people are and this fundamental understanding lies at the foundation of HarmoniMD.

We designed HarmoniMD with a patient-centric and provider-centric philosophy and this means that our platform is genuinely easy-to-use and highly intuitive to the clinical workflow.  Key to this success, are HarmoniMD’s highly customizable Electronic Clinical Documents (ECDs), which align and streamline the REAL day-to-day tasks and functions of both providers and administrators.  Not only do these ECDs save time and money, but they serve to standardize best practices, reduce medication errors and minimize adverse patient events.

HarmoniMD is your partner in achieving clinical excellence and following implementation, we frequently see reductions in documentation times of up to two-thirds hospital-wide and significant improvements in key clinical outcomes, including Safety of Care, Timeliness of Care, Efficient Use of Medical Imaging, and Patient & Provider Satisfaction.

Further, HarmoniMD stores all patient and treatment data in a highly granular format allowing key, actionable data to be extracted in real-time.  You can choose from the comprehensive library of pre-coded reports or design your own to measure and address the key performance indicators you’d like to address!

We are on a mission to improve global healthcare through actionable clinical intelligence.

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