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Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE)

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Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE)

Easily Document Care

Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) is a core component of HarmoniMD™ products. Our system allows physicians and medical professionals to enter orders and care instructions electronically, eliminating paper charts.

Electronic entry of physician orders means that the correct department immediately receives the request for medications, lab studies, or imaging procedures. There is no waiting for a clerk to bring in a written paper order. There is no lost paperwork. There is no confusion due to poor handwriting or miscommunication of verbal orders.

Studies have found that with the use of a CPOE system, errors that occur while processing medication orders have been reduced by 48%. (Journal of the American Medical Informatics Assoc. 2013).

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HarmoniMD HIS Integrates with the Vidal Drug Information System

Vidal Vademecum is Just One of Many HarmoniMD HIS Integrations

The HarmoniMD HIS system provides a seamless and intuitive integration with the Vidal Drug Information System to provide medication alerts to physicians to indicate allergic reactions, duplicate medication orders, contraindications, and fall risks.

The two systems work together to generate an automated medical contraindication alert, which is triggered in the event of a medication allergy, an interaction or contraindication. The software evaluates medication names, classes and components, offering physicians an extensive and detailed compendium of information.

Save Money With HarmoniMD

Traditional CPOE systems can cost millions to implement and thousands to maintain. HarmoniMD products come with CPOE fully integrated and included in the cost of our Software as a Service (SaaS). CPOE staff training and support are an integral part of the HarmoniMD HIS technical service.

Clearly-Defined Patient Charting System

HarmoniMD Products Make Charting Easy for Doctors and Nurses

HarmoniMD provides a clear and consistent framework for optimizing order capture and complies with safety guidelines. Pre-defined order sets are available on HarmoniMD for commonly-used treatment scenarios.

The HarmoniMD charting system clearly defines individual order placement categories via tabbed sections (Imaging, Meds, Procedures, Nursing Orders, Dietary, and more). For example, to order a lab test, the physician proceeds through a clearly-defined order window which provides a combination of required and optional fields to fulfill order placement. With HarmoniMD HIS, the entry of the user’s PIN confirms the authority to place the order. The physician has the option of creating a list of favorites for commonly-used orders within the various departments of the hospital as well.

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We Work Hand-In-Hand With Your Team

Your CPOE System is Custom-Tailored to Your Hospital

The Computerized Physician Order Entry is entirely customized to your specific needs at the time of your HarmoniMD HIS implementation. Training and step-by-step documentation are provided by our implementation team. We work in tandem with your team to define best practices for hospital workflow.

“I can use HarmoniMD Mobile to check on lab data, images, clinical notes and patient status anytime and anywhere. I can use HarmoniMD HIS to admit and discharge patients conveniently when not at the hospital.”

James K. Gude, MD, Medical Director
Clinical Medicine Professor, UCSF