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Hospital Infantil in Mexico City

HarmoniMD™ HIS Helps Hospital Infantil in Mexico City Reduce Operating Costs and Improve Efficiency

Intuitive Interface for Improved Clinical Outcomes

Hospital Infantil de México Federico Gomez (HIMFG) is implementing HarmoniMD HIS in a phased approach, beginning with the Emergency Department which has a staff of 20 MDs, 35 nurses and sees thousands of children each month. HIMFG is transitioning from an entirely paper-based system.

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Learn how HIMFG is revolutionizing healthcare using the HarmoniMD Electronic Health Record System.

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An Electronic Health Records System that Improves Emergency Room Efficiency

HarmoniMD HIS helps hospitals of all sizes overcome traditional obstacles and limitations

Prior to implementing HarmoniMD HIS, the emergency department at HIMFG had no way to track where patients were in the waiting queues, how long they had been waiting, or an overview of the number of patients in the department. By converting their clinical documentation from paper files to HarmoniMD HIS, the staff can now see all patient data at a glance, including details such as patient diagnoses, the clinicians assigned to treat the patient, which area of the ED the patient is currently in, a complete history of treatment received and other vital data.

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Easy Clinical Management and Reporting

HarmoniMD HIS Helped HIMFG Increase Positive Patient Outcomes

HarmoniMD  HIS makes clinical management and reporting much more efficient for HIMFG. Wait times are being reduced now that bottlenecks in treatment are being identified and addressed. In critical care situations, this translates to improved diagnosis, treatment and recovery time as well as more successful outcomes.

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A Hospital Software Customized to Fit the Needs of HIMFG

Electronic Clinical Documents are Custom Created for Your Hospital

MedWave works with the administration, physicians and nurses at Hospital Infantil to define departmental workflows and commonly performed tasks. MedWave uses these insights from hospital staff to custom-tailor user-interface screens which easily guide clinicians through each step of documenting a complete patient record. This customization of workflow-defined screens eliminates unnecessary steps, saving time and reinforcing existing facility workflows. HIMFG’s paper forms have been converted to Electronic Clinical Documents (ECDs) to serve a variety of workflows at the facility. For example, one helpful order set provides a single portal for placing orders and viewing past orders, test results, diagnoses, and other important historical patient information.

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HarmoniMD HIS Makes EHR Adoption a Breeze for Hospital Staff

An Intuitive Interface and On-site Training Make Implementation Easy and Successful

MedWave provided HIMFG a full-time on-site trainer for nursing staff and a full-time on-site physician to train doctors. Our team uses trainers with clinical and educational backgrounds to create a recipe for successfully educating both nurses and doctors in the adoption and understanding of what the software can do for them to make their jobs more efficient, more accurate and aid them in patient care in a very hectic emergency department environment.

During a recent tour of the Emergency Department given to administrators from another local hospital, one of Hospital Infantil’s residents was asked to demonstrate his knowledge and understanding of HarmoniMD HIS software. After showing the visitors his ability to input patient treatment data, place orders and review results, he was asked how long he had been using the program. His reply? Three days!

Hospital Infantil in Mexico City

Hospital Infantil de México Federico Gómez

Mexico City, Mexico

Hospital Infantil de México Federico Gómez was established 75 years ago in a focused effort to optimize the health and wellbeing of the children of Mexico. Thanks to the founders of Hospital Infantil as well as the many dedicated doctors and nurses who work so diligently on their behalf, thousands of children have been cared for over the years from all socioeconomic backgrounds, improving the lives of both patients and their families. This pediatric hospital provides international scientific research of childhood illness, including many published studies on the relationship between malnutrition and its effect on social, cultural, and economic outcomes. Research in the fields of genetics and organ transplant are other areas of investigation carried out by this world-class organization. Hospital Infantil has a well-respected and much sought-after residency program and is a center of excellence in the fields of pediatric oncology, cardiorespiratory, neurologic and gastroenterology specialties. Programs also include treatment for deafness with cochlear implants, cancer treatment, noninvasive radiosurgery treatment for neurologic disorders, and emergency medicine.