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FUCAM Hospital in Mexico City

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FUCAM Hospital Mexico City

FUCAM is Revolutionizing Healthcare Using the HarmoniMD™ Health Informatics System

“We need this!”

Mexico has set its sights on achieving a broad implementation of electronic health record systems by 2020. The desire to adopt electronic record systems is a very high priority among hospital administrators and physicians. Barriers to adoption include costs that can run into the millions and lengthy implementations that last years.

Fundación de Cáncer de Mama (FUCAM), the first and only breast cancer foundation in Mexico and Latin America that provides comprehensive breast cancer care, has made the leap forward with the HarmoniMD™ Health Informatics System, replacing tens of thousands of paper charts with the sleek efficiency of desktop and Android tablet access at a clinician’s fingertips.

FUCAM is moving all clinical documentation from paper files to the electronic charting system in a staged rollout to ensure a smooth transition across 25 different departments in this very high volume institution.

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Learn how FUCAM is revolutionizing healthcare using the HarmoniMD™ Electronic Health Record System.

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Offering Solutions via HarmoniMD™ HIS

An opportunity to improve the lives of patients. A powerful tool to improve healthcare delivery.

One of the biggest problems that HarmoniMD™ HIS solves immediately, is the issue of clinicians and support staff having to fill out paper forms with patient demographic information over and over again during the patient’s hospital visit. With HarmoniMD™ HIS, and with HarmoniMD Consultorio as well, this repetitive, time-consuming task is now a thing of the past.

The HarmoniMD™ Patient Banner incorporates all pertinent data in the header of each and every document. Name, DOB, Age, Gender, MRN, Department Location as well as a photo of the patient are all standard parts of the patient banner as well as color-coded allergy indications and code status alerts for ease of use and fast status identification.

Physicians and nursing staff can achieve a 30-40% increase in direct patient treatment time as a result of no longer needing to fill out paper forms!

Information is now available facility-wide, the moment it is entered into the patient chart.

The MedWave team has worked closely with FUCAM IT and Clinical staff to integrate the HarmoniMD™ HIS system into the FUCAM workflow.

A Good Integration Process

Currently, extended wait times for order placement of laboratory studies, imaging studies, medications and procedures are the result of hand-delivering paper order slips. Using HarmoniMD™ HIS, any order placed is immediately received in the corresponding department. Test and imaging results likewise are posted electronically and are in-the-moment available throughout the facility for all treating clinicians to review.

HarmoniMD™ HIS integrates with FUCAM’s RIS/PACS system, Novarad, and the Lab Information System, Labcorp, using HL7 interface technology. The Vidal Drug Information System works in partnership with HarmoniMD™ HIS to provide allergy and drug interaction alert information to treating clinicians at FUCAM at the time of medication order placement, adding another layer of best practice outcome by preventing harm and improving outcomes.

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We Work Hand in Hand with Your Hospital

HarmoniMD™ HIS provides FUCAM an opportunity to not only define its own workflows and facility protocols but to track the results, the challenges and the successes, throughout the hospital. Quality control, industry, and governmental standards compliance, billing and inventory support are included in this hospital management Software as a Service (SaaS).

Training and communication are critical components of a successful EHR implementation. Along with a dedicated Implementation Team, MedWave supports FUCAM staff using a wide variety of educational tools such as detailed training manuals and videos, weekly check-in meetings and a prompt and responsive can-do attitude.

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Why choose HarmoniMD™?

HarmoniMD™ believes in FUCAM. The services that FUCAM provides truly make a difference in the lives of many women and their families who otherwise would not have the opportunity for preventative healthcare and life-saving treatment. FUCAM believes in HarmoniMD™. We are in alignment in the belief that there is a better way to deliver healthcare by supporting the institution and the clinicians which in turns empowers them to provide the best outcomes for the patients that we all serve.

FUCAM Mexico City mobile breast screening unit

Fundación de Cáncer de Mama

Mexico City, Mexico

FUCAM, Fundación de Cáncer de Mama, a leader in Mexico and Latin America, has evolved over 18 years to offer Mexican women diagnosis, treatment and monitoring specialized in breast cancer; mainly in the most vulnerable groups in the country.

Founded in 2000 by Dr. Fernando Guisa Hohenstein, FUCAM has developed a comprehensive strategy that begins with education and promotion of timely detection, precision diagnosis and surgical medical treatment of breast cancer, as well as breast reconstruction. This includes the psychological support that allows the patient, couples and relatives to achieve an emotionally stable and productive reintegration.

FUCAM implemented the first program for the timely detection of breast cancer in Mexico. This program of “Campaigns of Pesquisa” consists of mobile diagnostic units that travel especially to areas of low income to offer mammography studies free of charge, to obtain a timely diagnosis of the disease and thus to diminish mortality by breast cancer.

With a medical staff of only 140 people, FUCAM treats 1,200 new cases of breast cancer per year.