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An elderly woman is admitted through the ER in an acute care hospital complaining of generalized abdominal pain. The decision is made to place her into an observation bed. Shortly after admission, the patient is encouraged to get out of bed to use the bathroom; upon returning to bed she suffers a fall which results in the diagnosis of a fractured right hip. A less-than-24-hour stay is now a 6-day hospital admission.

Could this scenario have been prevented? Yes of course!

The Morse Fall Scale assessment (MFS), when performed as part of the facility’s Falls Prevention Program, alerts staff to the potential for patient falls based on a scoring system; this best-practices tool indicates whether or not Regular Care, Standard Fall Prevention Interventions or High-Risk Fall Prevention Interventions need to be activated.

HarmoniMobile provides an electronic version of the Morse Fall Scale filled out on an Android tablet at the patient’s bedside. The assessment can be used as a standalone evaluation or incorporated into an in-depth evaluation such as the Nursing Admission Assessment.

By using HarmoniMobile Electronic Clinical Documents (ECDs), there is no need to remember to perform the assessment as it is already part of the Admission Evaluation. In less than 10 seconds, the 6 questions are answered, scores are inputted and calculated automatically, and fall-risk levels are clearly defined. This information is captured in the patient chart and immediately accessible to all clinical staff.

The beauty of HarmoniMobile ECDs.

This simple assessment is now a built-in part of patient care which acts as a reminder to perform the task, documents the performance, provides results for future audits in reportable formats, and provides immediate communication to all providers via the electronic patient record. Given that the number of patient falls annually in the United States is estimated to be 1 million, the HarmoniMobile MFS calculation tool supports the success of any healthcare facility Falls Prevention Program by providing a concise and reliable process.