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Benefits of HarmoniMD

The HarmoniMD™ Advantage

Benefits of HarmoniMD

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Improved Charge Capture

The HarmoniMD System allows for improved charge capture during patient care that includes the ability to read barcodes from patients, products, and medical devices. Charge capture for rooms, medications, procedures, imaging, lab tests and other clinical services can be greatly improved through automation using tablets to capture charges.

The improvement in charge capture alone can pay for the software. As a recent example of how a structured charging system can dramatically change collections, a hospital implemented a payment option for patients to pay with a debit card instead of cash and saw a 30% increase in collections. Using a structured charge capture system can accomplish a similar level of improvement.

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Reduced Paperwork Expenses

The more paper that can be eliminated from a hospital environment, the more savings will accrue. HarmoniMD is adaptable enough to eliminate almost all of the paperwork in the clinical environment. By using Electronic Clinical Documents (ECDs) this goal is easily achieved. Also critical to this process is that the ECD application provides automated versioning and updates, meaning that the documents and the software program can easily be modified in the future as the hospital’s needs change.

It should be understood here that reducing paperwork is not just about the cost of the paper documentation process but eliminating the costs of moving, managing, and storing paperwork. An EHR that can offer this will significantly reduce hospital expenses.

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Creates Accurate and Structured Data

The goal of every hospital is to have accurate and useful information that is easy to capture, completely and accurately. The use of physician order sets, evaluations, and structured nursing documentation that is easy to use and available in a nurse’s pocket will greatly improve not only the capture of clinical data, but also the quality of care. HarmoniMD HIS also reads telemetry data via HL7-compliant equipment directly into the patient chart.

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Provides Reporting Appropriate to your Organization’s Needs

Being able to develop reporting that is appropriate to your organization’s needs is an important feature when evaluating any EHR system. The HarmoniMD reporting system is included as an integral part of the software; there is no need to pay for and incorporate an outside vendor service for this feature.

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Attract and Retain Physicians

Physicians can work from mobile devices, like a cell phone, and be able to see all of the information in the patient chart as well as be able to place orders for nursing services, medications, lab tests, procedures, imaging, and other services. In addition, the system can function over the cell network so that physicians can work from their home, car or office without interruption.

The software easily stores photos as well as digital images to give physicians a visual view of patient conditions over a period of recovery time. This is especially important for wound care, surgery, and orthopedic conditions.

The system allows physicians to work from any remote location and complete their work without having to be in the hospital environment, which can dramatically improve physician job satisfaction.

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Attract and Retain Patients

A well-designed EHR gives patients the ability to access their health record on a smartphone. This will let them share lab results, have their physician view x-rays and past visit medication history as well as other hospital inpatient information. The patient ID card gives patients access to their medical information and helps to keep them connected to that hospital and provides a secure method for patient record access without having to provide a username or password.

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Attract and Retain Top Quality Staff

A system that is easy to use and works on mobile devices while still providing a high degree of clinical practice structure will be an attractor for hospital staff. A recent survey of nurses in the US indicated that 94% did not like the EHR they were working with and we know from experience that an overly complex or cumbersome system will drive away nurses and physicians alike.

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